Middle ear infection – typical in children

Children have an above-average likelihood of suffering from a middle ear infection. By the time they start school, about two thirds of all children have had at least one middle ear infection. Treatment is generally straightforward. 

In children, the auditory tube is significantly shorter and wider than in adults. All kinds of pathogens therefore have an easy job of traveling from the throat area into the ear. This can result in inflammation of the mucous membranes and the build-up of fluid. 

Furthermore, allergies, enlarged tonsils, passive smoking and the associated weakening of the immune system can promote middle ear infections. 

Symptoms of a middle ear infection may include: 

  • Severe ear pain in the middle ear 
  • Ear pressure 
  • Impaired hearing 
  • Nausea, diarrhea 
  • Fever 

Very small children also often hold their ear or refuse food and fluids. 

In order to best prevent middle ear infections, make sure your children lead a healthy lifestyle, in particular one that is free from cigarette smoke. If the immune system is boosted, the risk of a middle ear infection also decreases. 

You should consult a doctor if your child has symptoms indicative of a middle ear infection. With appropriate treatment, the infection can usually be cured successfully in no time. 

Do you have any questions? The doctors at the Medgate Tele Clinic would be happy to assist you. 

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